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Aleem D. is a vehicle owner who has  been sharing his vehicle on JustShareIt for over a year now. His vehicle has been rented by guests in the Los Angeles neighborhood for more than 1,000 hours in the last year on JustShareIt.com, earning him several thousand dollars. Aleem says he’s embraced his “inner CEO” by becoming a micropreneur, leveraging the things he has to make the most of the assets he’s got. For Aleem, that’s meant listing his car on JustShareIt.com when he’s not using it, making his vehicle an additional income source.

JustShareIt talked to Aleem about his car sharing experience.

JustShareIt: How has your experience been with JustShareIt so far?

Aleem: ”I’m a classic ‘people person,” Aleem says. “Getting involved in the sharing economy, getting to meet and get acquainted with people in my neighborhood through JustShareIt, it’s been great.” Aleem says it’s the unexpected little things that make using JustShareIt a great experience. “One of my renters uses my car to take her grandfather to his doctor’s appointments. I like the feeling of knowing I’m helping out.”

JustShareIt: What has made you successful in renting your vehicle using JustShareIt?

Aleem: “My Inner CEO”. I’m a heavy social media user, so I’m always sharing my JustShareIt vehicle page on Facebook and Craigslist so it can be found by guests in my neighborhood. I’ve also had luck using LinkedIn to rent my vehicle to friends and connections at work. In addition, I’ve priced my vehicle aggressively so it shows up as the first rental option when renters in my neighborhood are looking for a cheap and affordable car rental next door.

JustShareIt: How do you manage your vehicle availability on JustShareIt?

Aleem: I make sure my car is available for as many hours as possible every week by managing  my vehicle availability calendar on JustShareIt. JustShareIt has provided vehicle owners like me with easy to use online tools and mobile app to manage my vehicle. I receive a text message for every reservation request, which I can then approve with a simple text response via SMS on my mobile phone. I can also list my car hours for instant bookings when I’m out of town. It’s really easy for me to manage and track my vehicle availability hours and earnings with JustShareIt.

JustShareIt: What do you say to people that aren’t comfortable sharing their vehicle with strangers?

Aleem: Initially, I was hesitant about sharing my car with a stranger as well but after renting another owner’s vehicle on JustShareIt I was able to see how the process works. JustShareIt makes owners like me feel very comfortable with renting our vehicles to guests in the neighborhood. JustShareIt provides insurance coverage for my car every time I rent it out, and every renter that requests my car is fully screened and vetted by JustShareIt before they can make a reservation request. Aleem says “Using JustShareIt to rent out your car is like loaning it to a friend, except with more security!

Aleem’s story is one of many who’ve succeeded in making additional income by sharing their vehicles with guests in the local neighborhood. With JustShareIt, vehicle owners like Aleem are helping create a better world by participating in the peer-to-peer sharing economy resulting in fulfilling and rewarding lives in the process.

Join the JustShareIt community of vehicle owners that are making additional income by sharing cars with screened and vetted guests in your neighborhood!

Have you got a car sharing success story you’d like to share with the JustShareIt community? Drop us a note: community@justshareit.com.

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