Apple-Wielding Members Rejoice – Now You Can JustShareIt on the Move!

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that you don’t need a key to unlock cars on JustShareIt. With our cool RideLink technology, you just need an app.

Now iPhone and iPad users can experience the joy of keyless exchanges. That means if you’re a Sharer with a RideLink-enabled vehicle and you can’t be around to give the key to a renter with a iPhone or Android, you won’t have to! It also means that if you manage to lock your key in the car, you don’t have to freak out – just don’t also lock your smartphone in there because that would be…not smart.

Download the iOS and Android apps here!

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2 Responses to Apple-Wielding Members Rejoice – Now You Can JustShareIt on the Move!

  1. Delfina says:

    How are the electronics inside the car? Is it easy to install? What are the costs?

    • ali says:

      The electronics are awesome, and we’re completely unbiased:) RideLink owners get an easy and convenient way to share their vehicles AND a comprehensive security and monitoring system that rivals the best devices on the market. RideLink is installed under the dashboard of a car by a trained technician. The cost of installation and the device is a few hundred dollars and it pays itself off after a few reservations.

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