Your Sharing Story Could Be Worth $1,000!

We know that sharing can be life-changing. So do our friends at Shareable. To celebrate the new sharing frenzy across the globe – and to promote their new book, Share or DieShareable is running a Share or Die Storytelling Contest for your best stories about sharing!

Remember that time renting your neighbor’s car helped you get to the vet in time to save your dog Sumo’s life? (Okay, it was just a splinter but you sure thought he was a goner.) Or the time you took that cute girl you once met at the laundromat for a ride to Stinson Beach for a hike…and proposed? Don’t keep all that goodness to yourself – enter the contest and you could win $1,000 in credit to JustShareIt! Just think of all the adventures that could buy!

Submit your story by July 23rd for your chance to win. For more details, click here. Good luck!

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