Weird Wonders In and Around the Bay Area

Let’s face it – California’s home to some odd characters. It’s partly what makes us all love it so much. And you can’t really call yourself a Californian until you’ve scoped out at least a few quirky attractions. So (we think you know where this is going) for your next rental, why not take a ride to some of these gems? They’ll also make for some stellar Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts!

The Winchester Mystery House – San Jose, CA
This is the former home of Sarah Winchester, who inherited millions of dollars when her husband, heir to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, passed away. A millionaire in the 1800s is no joke – too bad her house became one. She believed spirits haunted her life so she built a house to appease the good ones and scare off the evil ones. Take a tour of staircases that lead to nothing or go down just to go up again, not to mention doors that open onto walls.

Mystery Spot – Santa Cruz, CA
This gravitational anomaly in the redwood forests will make you question everything you know about the laws of gravity and physics. (As you can imagine, it also makes for some great photo ops.) Some say a spaceship buried below the spot is the source of the nonsense. Maybe you can be the one to solve the mystery.

Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia – Burlingame, CA
Who doesn’t smile when they see a corny pez dispenser? Grins abound at the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia where you can get up close and personal with sweet pez history. It’s even home to The World’s Largest Pez Dispensing Machine.

Emperor Norton’s Grave – Colma, CA
Most of Colma’s land is dedicated to cemeteries. In fact, the city’s got 1,000 dead residents for every living one. Yikes. One deceased resident of note is Emperor Norton, who’s buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. Joshua Norton was a wealthy San Francisco businessman who lost his fortune in the mid 19th century. In a reinvention effort, he declared himself Emperor of the United States and, later, Protector of Mexico. Seriously. Go pay his royal highness a visit.

And don’t forget to send us photos and tell us about your excursions!

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