San Francisco: There’s a Whole Lot of Sharing Going On

As you may know, San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee recently announced the formation of a Sharing Economy Working Group. What does this mean? Oh, just that San Francisco is poised to be the sharing economy capital of the world. That’s all.

It’s not enough that we have the highest concentration of peer-to-peer startups headquartered here (‘cause we’re awesome and we do). We also need to see changes at the policy level to keep these companies coming and growing. In fact, this was the topic of an event earlier this week at SPUR in downtown San Francisco.

We’re excited to witness and hopefully contribute to the efforts of this new working group. On our end, we’ve been working with the city to pilot downtown parking spaces that would be free to cars participating in carsharing. How does that sound, JustShareIt members? What, can’t hear anything over the harp and chirping birds?

While cities have tons of opportunities to capitalize on to promote collaborative consumption, they also need to be smart about regulations. If you haven’t heard, the San Francisco Tax Collector’s Office ruled this week that Airbnb hosts should pay the “hotel tax” – a roughly 15% fee. This seems to contradict the city’s intentions to lead the world in this new economy.

We hope to see more policies from the city that help and support the sharing economy – companies and users alike. What would you like to see your city do to advance the peer-to-peer revolution?

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