P2P Carsharing: Empowering Micropreneurs Everywhere

Remember when you ran a rockin' baseball card business?

It’s a funny thing about the person-to-person/peer-to-peer market: it demands its users be innovative and resourceful to be more successful. While some simply post items for rent and sit back and wait for the magic to happen, others get creative about how to make their goods more appealing. People in this second category can be considered micropreneurs, or small business managers.

Remember how ingeniously you traded and sold baseball cards before you could even drive? Renting out your stuff can really re-inspire the micropreneur in you.

Here are some tips on how to get maximum impact from your ride:

  • Promote to your networks – Tell your friends, colleagues, family members and anyone who’ll listen what you’re offering. Send your unique URL to your vehicle profile via Facebook, Twitter, email or other social networks.
  • Availability – If you don’t need it, make it available! Check your calendar to ensure your ride’s ready to rent as frequently as possible.
  • Play with the price – Getting some questions, but not a lot of rentals? Try reducing the price to see if that helps spur some activity.
  • Make your own rules You have the power to set policies around your ride. For example, you could make gas included in your hourly rate as a way to boost reservations. Just put it in your profile, and feel free to get creative (but maybe avoid writing in pirate speak…argh).
  • Rapid Rentals – A lot of Borrowers need something quick, so why not make it easy for them by turning on Rapid Rentals so they don’t have to wait for you to approve their request? Email us if you’re interested and we’ll set you up.
  • A picture’s worth a thousand words – Be sure to include clear photos of your ride. And remember to upload your beautiful mug on the profile page so people can see their friendly micropre-neighbor!

If you’d like to post a flyer in your apartment building, office or your local market to promote your ride, email us and we’ll send you a personalized version with your vehicle’s unique URL!

Last but not least, let us know how these tips work for you or, even better, tell us if you’ve got some other creative ideas to share!

Give us a call, send us a note (carrier pigeon, though cute, is not recommended), comment here or contact us on Facebook and Twitter where you can also communicate with the rest of this great community!

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