Little Work, Big Pay-Off

Sounds like the American Dream, right? JustShareIt was recently mentioned (yay!) in this Yahoo! Finance article by Farnoosh Torabi. While Farnoosh focuses on how sharing – or “collaborative consumption” – is a great way to earn income without doing much work, we think it’s important to mention that the pay-off is way bigger than cash. (Btw, for all of you who signed up in response to this article – thanks! We’re getting ready to launch as fast as possible and will have more info for you very soon.)

Why do we all want more income? Mainly for security, status and access (travel, concerts, restaurants, etc.). Peer-to-Peer (P2P) companies like us help people achieve these intangibles with way less pressure and stress.

Security. Financial security is a top concern for most people. What the economic crisis has taught us is that it’s not sustainable to live above our means. Sharing helps curb our addiction to consumption and keeping up with the Joneses, especially if the Joneses are willing to share. Social security is also important and through sharing, people build relationships and trust with others often in their own neighborhoods. In times of need, it’s incredible how much that social security provides a safety net and facilitates resilience.

Status. Money brings status but so does sharing. Vehicle owners (or “Sharers” as we call them) get to share expensive vehicles with people who can’t afford them or simply don’t want to own them. Borrowers get to flaunt these rides during their rental period and no one’s the wiser.

Access. The secret’s out – we don’t have to own things to enjoy them. Experiences are said to be more meaningful than objects so simply having access to a vehicle is really all one needs. Even better is having access to a vehicle that takes you on a getaway!

While you still might need to spend some cash to borrow, the relatively small price to pay is nothing compared to the many other benefits that come with sharing!

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4 Responses to Little Work, Big Pay-Off

  1. car repos says:

    Hey there, I was just wondering…where do I get the RSS feed for your blog – Sorry about the newbie question if I missed an obvious one…

  2. Royal says:

    Hi I stumbled upon your website by mistake when i was searching Msn for this matter, I have to say your website is definitely helpful I also seriously like the style, it is good!

  3. Nizam says:

    We love what you are doing at just share it. When will you be ready for launch?
    We’re also a new start-up in the p2p space. We’re helping bring a little common sense to self-storage ;-)

  4. The article you wrote is very good.

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