JustShareIt and the Big Wheels Connection

In 1983, I discovered the lure of the open road and the unmatched glory of vehicular independence. That year, I got my first ride.

She was a beauty: ape hanger handlebars with 7-inch streamers, front wheel half my height, decal stickers on the back, and a seat contour-molded for my tiny butt. Her vibrant tri-colors remind me of the flag of Venezuela.

That Big Wheels was my KITT, my General Lee, my Street Hawk. Best of all, she made the kid down the street jealous. Very jealous. He cried.

As a person will, I grew out of my much adored Big Wheels and eventually got into my first car, a well-used sedan. Neither that car nor any of those I’ve subsequently owned have ever matched the Big Wheels for her ability to induce fits of pure bliss and exhilaration in me. And they never made a neighbor so jealous he went home cryin’ to his mama.

But JustShareIt has flipped the script. My neighbor’s got a soft-top roadster I’ve been coveting for a while. He’s also a family man who could make use of my sport utility from time-to-time. I’m thinking of borrowing his ride for a trip down the coast.

It’s like 1983 all over again.

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