Celebrating Earth day early at Green:Net 2011


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Last Thursday on April 21st (pre-Earth Day), we took the first step to make our presence known by being sponsors of Green:Net 2011, GigaOM’s answer to a sustainable summit.  But it’s no ordinary conference – focusing on digital energy and how information technology can fight climate change, it’s the perfect gathering place where tech geeks-with-a-conscience meet, share and network. An experience like this is truly memorable.

So one might ask where we fit in here? With the maturation of the social web and hyperconsumption, the Internet has made way for a new revolution in sharing “stuff”, as Shelby Clark of RelayRides and Joe Gebbia of Airbnb presented.  With Cleanweb development (thank you Sunil Paul for coining that term) – technologies that leverage the capabilities of the Internet, social media and mobile technologies to address resource constraints, JustShareIt fits right at home in this new era of the sharing economy.

We were so proud to be able to sponsor such an event amongst our like-minded peers, we brought our enthusiasm in forms of beautiful banners, exciting swag and passionate rants. Even our own iPad app for electronic signups was such a rocker hit that Jessica Scorpio from Getaround had to take a couple pictures! Let’s just say, we had a killer time meeting people and sharing information – here are a few pictures to commemorate our eventful day. Our launch date is later this year… thank you to all our Alpha signup members for your support!


Also, many thanks to David Herron for writing such an inspirational article on JustShareIt. (http://exm.nr/hMvK2m) We hope to live up to the expectations set forth by you and our members!

Check out the GigaOm Speaker Videos and our Founder’s 5 minute off-stage interview ( http://gigaom.com/cleantech/greennet-2011-live-coverage/ [Middle of the screen] or http://bit.ly/iSJ4f5 ) for more information.



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