Stories of Everyday People

Cassandra Lee, 29

In this downturn economy, I have to really be aware of my spending. Unfortunately, I have these major car payments that is where all my money is going. It would be great to have an extra income coming in that doesn’t require extra time on my part, so that I can still go shopping without scrimping and saving.  That’s why I think it’s so great to have this peer-to-peer vehicle sharing so that my car is making money for me. The time has come where the car is making money for me!


Jonathan Smith, 58

I’m a really adventurous person and love the outdoors and travelling. I enjoy taking my Harley on day rides to the coast on Sunday with my wife. But I’ve always wanted to buy an RV to go camping at Yosemite in the summers. With our house mortgage, it is difficult to own more vehicles. Besides, I’ve maxed out my garage and driveway space! I am excited that with this peer-to-peer vehicle-sharing program, I can now go rent out an RV or even a boat so I can go jet skiing with my family. Nothing is beyond reach for me now!


Safir Slevin, 22

Being tech savvy and a self-confessed computer geek, I always have to have the latest tech gadget so I am ahead of my peers in terms of technology trends. I like building my own computer setup so I feel the same about this cool hardware/software technology that can be customized for my needs. Now my old corolla is no longer an old car, with this technology I can lock/unlock the car, flicker lights, blow horn and track how I am driving, a complete 360-degree transformation for my car. Nice…..


Liz Sullivan, 34

I’m a mum of 3 children and come from a large family. When my sister’s and brother’s families come visit, it becomes a huge event. And a lot of times, we end up renting several cars. This would really help me reduce my stress by finding some vehicles nearby my home so I can don’t have to travel far. It’ll end up being cheaper when comparing to most rental companies, and sometimes they don’t even have what I need. And I plan to share my truck so I can try out a convertible!


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