Our First Blog – Thinking, Thinking, Thinking…

Thanks to all the potentials members who have signed up with us and waiting for our Alpha Release to come out. Everybody might be wondering when is our release going to be out? We are going to be releasing the date in the Green:Net Conference 2011 on 21st April.

It is a great feeling to see great minds sitting and finding the solution to satisfy the needs of our members. Believe me that it is a product (hardware and software) you have not seen before with so many great features. We have tried to encompass all the little details from our members and for our members. The product is available on any mobile platform. We will be posting pre-release videos and images that you can check it out and be comfortable with. Being a security freak my self rest assured that your asset would be taken as my own. For Borrowers, now we believe nothing is beyond your reach anymore, a nice getaway with a boat or a nice car for a quick spin.

To us, access to vehicles is more about transportation – it’s about adventure……

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One Response to Our First Blog – Thinking, Thinking, Thinking…

  1. Liz says:

    Looking forward to using JustShareit! We have folks coming into town and hoping we can start sharing this summer!

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